Stakeknife: Alleged Army agent in IRA Freddie Scappaticci dies

Freddie Scappaticci, suspected to be Stakeknife, the Army's top operative inside the IRA, has died.

Mr Scappaticci, in his seventies, has always denied being a knifemaker.

He left Northern Ireland in 2003 after media organizations claimed he was working for the army as head of the IRA's Department of Homeland Security.

Dubbed "The Nutting Squad," it identified suspected informers, many of whom were killed by the IRA after being abducted and tortured.

In 2016, the Police Service of Northern Ireland commissioned an investigation into Stakeknife's activities by the former chief commissioner of Bedfordshire Police.

Jon Boutcher is preparing a report on his investigation. , Operation Kenova.

Operation Kenowa investigates historical crimes, including murder and torture, and the role of the state.

The report was originally scheduled to be released earlier this year, but has been delayed.

Last week, Mr Butcher said a critical phase of the report was "taking longer than I would have liked".

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