Where do the richest people in America live? Extensions Homes of Bill Gates and Other Top Members of the New Forbes 400

Have you read "Forbes 400: The Richest People in America"?

Surprisingly, Bill Gates, worth $81 billion, ranked first for 23 consecutive years, while this time, his friend Warren Buffett, worth $65.5 billion, fell to third place for the first time in 15 years . .

Because of the high valuations of hot tech companies, the CEOs who lead them tend to accumulate wealth faster than others. Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos gets $20 billion, boosting his net worth to $67 billion, making him second richest person in America

Facebook CEO Mark Zha Mark Zuckerberg jumped to fourth with $55.5 billion, his highest position. However, Oracle founder Larry Ellison came out on top. Ranked fifth for the first time since 2007. Its revenue was $49.3 billion.

In sixth place is former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, CEO of the famed Bloomberg L.P., a firm valued at $45 billion dollars.

These six billionaires are worth $363.3 billion, most of which are still held in the form of shares in established companies. However, some of their wealth is invested in real estate. gentlemen. Among them is Gates, who owns a $170 million mansion in Washington and several knights across the United States.

Here, see where six of the wealthiest people live, as they call them:

1. Bill Gates Worth: $81 billion Home: Medina, Washington

Bill Gates Mr. Gates , 60 years old, most of the time at 66,000 seconds. A mansion in Medina, Washington, named Xanadu 2.0 after the opening scene of Citizen Kane. This home overlooks Lake Washington. Mr. Gates spent $63.2 million over seven years to build the building, which has many new features. He bought the house in 1988 for $2 million, but it is now worth $170 million, according to public records.

2. Jeff Bezos Worth: $67 billion Home: Medina, Washington

Mr. Bezos, 52, is building his e-commerce empire, which he has acquired over the years, earning him the world's number one position. Last year, the company ranked No. 26 on The Land Report's list of the largest landowners in the United States. As for residences, he owns 165,000 acres in West Texas, a waterfront home in Washington state, three other apartments in Manhattan's Century Tower, and a 12,000-square-foot Beverly Hills estate, according to reports , he and Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) are friends. . in Forbes.

His home is 29,000 square feet on 5.35 acres in Medina, Washington, near Amazon headquarters. In addition to the main house, there is a caretaker's house and a 4,500 square foot boathouse on Lake Washington.

444 3. Warren Buffett Worth: $65.5 Billion Town: Omaha,

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His house sits on a corner lot in Omaha, Nebraska, which he bought in 1958 for $31,500. there is mr. Buffett thereafter. Originally built in 1921, the house has been expanded several times to become the most beautiful and comfortable 6,500-square-meter mansion valued at $65.5 billion.

4. Mark Zuckerberg Worth: $55.5 billion Home: Palo Alto, California

The young billionaire gave away most of his fortune to schools, health care and other charitable causes. His real estate holdings include his Palo Alto home and a $9.9 million temporary home near Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Mr. Zuckerberg, 32, bought his first 5,000-square-foot Craftsman home in Palo Alto in 2011 for $7 million. Over the next few years, he foreclosed on four buildings surrounding his home for $43.8 million to keep it. But his plan to demolish and rebuild four buildings failed.

5. Larry Ellison Worth: $49.3 billion Home: Woodside, Calif.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, 72, owns multiple properties real estate. He purchased several homes in Malibu and around Lake Tahoe. He owns the $70 million Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island; a garden in Kyoto, Japan; 98% of the six islands of Lanai.

His $110 million estate in Woodside, California, is inspired by 16th-century Japanese architecture and features a 2.3-acre man-made lake.

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6. Michael Bloomberg Worth: $45 billion Home: Manhattan, New York Owns a dozen properties. He lives most of the time in his Upper Estate Side townhouse, but also owns properties in the Hamptons, New York, London, Bermuda, Colorado and Florida.

Mr. Bloomberg's townhouse at 17 East 79th Street has five rooms and an outdoor patio. During his three terms as mayor, Bloomberg lived in a townhouse instead of the Gracie Mansion. However, they seem to have plans to turn it into a palace. Since 1989, he has been buying shares at 19 East 79th Street, near his home. Bloomberg now owns five of the six units in the whitewashed 1880s Greek Revival building, according to the New York Observer.

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