Harrison is prepared to take over, breaking? Senate Ally asserts that she is equipped to serve as president.

country's future Despite her low approval ratings and inability to garner positive media attention, Kamala Harris, a top senatorial ally of President Joe Biden, claims she is prepared to serve as president. This possibility may rest on her shoulders. Biden chose Harris to be his running mate in the 2024 presidential race. Some Democrats have backed Harris as the party's future leader, but the decision has sparked concerns about Biden's age and fitness to serve another term. Will Harris be able to handle the pressure of the presidency? What does this mean for the Democratic Party?itness The decision to keep Harris as his running mate for the 2024 election has raised eyebrows among Democrats and Republicans alike, despite her position as Vice President, with many Democrats speculating that Harris is being groomed to take over the Presidency. In this report, we'll examine The reasons behind Biden's choice of Harris as his running mate, the Growing concerns about his age and health, and the potential impact of Harris's leadership on the future of America. While vice president Harris has encountered criticism for her handling of the migration problem at the US-Mexico border and has struggled to garner favorable press coverage 

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