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#Diversification is the insurance of the future. Seeds of all kinds fell under trees with hornet's nests. That's how they help forestry, that's why they're called foresters. Today is #BioDiversity Day.

How did they do it.

Nine species of hornbills were found in India. During the nesting season, the female is confined to the nest to raise her chicks.

At that time, the duty of the husband was to bring food for the family. At that time, the male collects the eggs and figs and brings them to the nest. This condition lasts for 3-4 months. Fruits and their seeds are swallowed whole.

Import did not go well, unsuccessful. In this way, many seeds will always be dropped in the transition or during the journey. In all these places, the seeds spread further into the forest. Therefore, protecting diversity means protecting these unique animals.

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