New York Republicans decry Trump impeachment as 'witch hunt'

Republicans in New York have accused former President Donald Trump of seven Democratic "witch hunt" cases aimed at disrupting the 2024 election, while Democrats welcomed the fact that the trials were lengthy.

"The Justice Department's decision to make Joe Biden a former president and 2024 candidate is the latest example of Democrats using our judicial system to try to influence an election," he said. Nicole Mariotakis (NY-11) Friday.

“[Democrats] know they cannot win elections on principle or merit, so they resort to voter fraud to keep their party in power.”

Trump, 76, announced Thursday afternoon that he had been A grand jury indicted him on charges of mishandling documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

All charges — including withholding documents for national security, conspiracy to obstruct justice and concealing documents — stem from the Espionage Act, his attorney told CNN.

Trump announced social truth payments Thursday night.


Trump faces seven charges related to classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

The former president faces up to 75 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

"The American people are smart enough to see the political power of [Democrats], and their two charges have failed to try to fill the Supreme Court, change our election laws, end the Senate protests, and put power To the citizens. Vote," he said of Trump's two impeachment records before leaving office in 2021.

Nicole Malliotakis condemned the decision as a "political power grab".

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Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-21) echoed Malliotakis' view that Trump's impeachment is a political stunt designed to damage President Biden's reputation.

“On the same day that the FBI was forced to present serious and true allegations of corruption, brutality and corruption to Congress, Joe Biden provided his DOJ with the evidence to eliminate Donald Trump tools," he said in a statement. a story. Character.

"The American people know and understand that this is a reflection of the administration's use of illegal and unprecedented weapons against Joe Biden's arch enemy, President Donald J. Trump. The left will ultimately influence the 2024 election to aid Joe Biden's difficult presidency and campaign.

Stefanik, the fourth-largest Republican in the House, also made clear his support for Trump's 2024 bid.

Elise Stefanik called the move a "witch hunt" for Democrats .


"I am I. Efforts will be made to eliminate corrupt weapons. "Our government, root out corruption in these institutions and condemn the illegal pursuit of President Trump by government officials," he wrote. Clearly, we will elect President Trump to the White House to save America.

"Never in the history of the United States has an attorney general impeached a former or elected president," he wrote Thursday night, shortly after the news broke.

"Political speculation ensues as House Republicans reveal impact of $5m between Biden and foreign governments on American rule of law." Image

444 Nick Lalotta (NY-1) used Trump's decision as an opportunity to call attention to Hillary Clinton's past emails.

"It applies to all Americans, regardless of politics, race or religion," he said.

"However, Biden's DOJ accused the ex-president of working against Biden, and without the ex-president's accusations, the ex-president destroyed 30,000 government emails to avoid being on trial or to their owners who still hold the information. .his garage. Delaware, political pay. Our constitution is better.” DOJ has “double standards.”

"The Department of Justice does not use its tools to weed out political enemies. The Biden Justice Department is going up against President Biden in 2024, who is also a former president of the United States," he told the Post on Friday at Joe Biden's home and elsewhere. I'm old enough to remember Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton had a private server and deleted her private data at home a few weeks ago when the government came to her. Power, I expect Trump's popularity with voters in the Republican primary will be boosted by these Political activism has increased. Voters on both the left and the right see the Justice Department's arms, and it shows up in the polls. Anthony D'Esposito (NY-4) remains in judicial proceedings.

"While our office continues to monitor the situation, [and] Congress remains focused on providing New Yorkers with tax relief and fighting for safer roads," the spokesman and Matt Karp said on Friday Night Show.

However, the New York Democratic Party strongly supports the decision.

"It's clear that this law works against former President Trump, and as citizens we must respect the judicial process," the governor said. Kathy Hochul, who beat Lieselding last November, spoke to The Post on Friday.

Democratic City Councilman Keith Bowles (D-Upper East Side) expressed his disapproval of Trump's "unprecedented" behavior.

"Every American has the right to obey the law in a fair manner, but Mr. Donald Trump's actions did not occur and there were no political events affecting the President," he said.

Justin Brannan, chairman of the city council and council finance committee, agreed but said the ruling leaves room for Trump's opponents in the 2024 Republican nomination race. Another very bad one. It's not doing anyone any good," he told the Post. No doubt it's another tough day for MAGA's "lock all the keys and throw the keys away" team. It's being tested right now, but I think it's Bad Trump. They control you instead of you? What a joke.

The New York politician reacts after many of Trump's 2024 GOP supporters donated two coins to the scandal.

"We have not heard from the Trump Social Truth Fund," Chris Christie tweeted.

"Let's see the details of the case that can be released. As I said before, no one is above the law, anywhere. More details will be known.

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Trump is the first former president and the first major party president to be impeached, according to CNN. He was also indicted in April by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg on the charges against Stormy Daniels.

The lawsuit announced Thursday comes after Trump spent more than a year trying to wrest the Mar-a-Lago records from the National Archives, which owned them after he left office, he explained. thing.

Special prosecutors are also reviewing documents found at Mr. biden.

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