Camilla reveals Prince Charles' favorite food

Camilla knows exactly what makes Prince Charles happy

Camilla Parker Bowles is Queen of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles. That's why he knows a lot of things that we don't, but recently he revealed something. He has appeared on TV cooking shows and MasterChef Australia competitions, and has explained which foods should and should not be served in front of the Prince of Wales.

We agree with him on one thing: cheese!


When MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan asked what food made Charles happy, Camilla didn't hesitate. "He loves it, he loves the local cheese," Camilla explained. "He's very fond of cheese. Anything to do with cheese, he loves it. Charles can't go wrong when it comes to food that has a lot to offer. Vegetables." "He'll love it." You'll see her Smile," the princess told Gary with a wink. It almost pained him to say it, but Camilla agrees that you shouldn't serve royal garlic at dinner or any other event. Because of its many properties, garlic is best avoided. Gary says it's "no" to underperform at a party that requires a lot of communication.

The Duke and Prince Charles cut a cake together:

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall cut a cake this morning while visiting Llandovery train station. The TRH journey celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Heart of Wales Railway, regarded as one of England's most beautiful railway journeys.

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Source: People | Image: Still Video Masterchef Australia

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