Colombian president wants to amend free trade agreement with US Read more:

Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced on Wednesday that he wants to renegotiate the Colombia Free Trade Agreement with the United States, in his first foreign trip. Colombia's first leftist president said in a meeting with coffee farmers that the 11-year deal would prevent Colombia from growing wheat varieties in the region in exchange for an obligation to grow the common product in the U.S. and in the United States. Canada. "I want to make a broad announcement that negotiations have started," Petro said, expressing interest in a meeting south of Pitalito. He didn't say much. During the 2022 presidential election campaign, Petro said he wanted to change the free trade agreement with the United States to protect Colombian agriculture from what he said were low U.S. profits. How he can help you "It's not going to happen": Professor Anin proves that ECOWAS troops won't attack Niger "We bring in all the food from the US and Canada. We do a lot of work. In other words, the economy," Petro said. Opponents of the petro have warned that new U.S. export tariffs could hurt Colombia's economy. Learn more: Follow us on Instagram - get the most important news in your favorite app! The commerce ministry said the bilateral agreement was signed in 2012 and that the United States is Colombia's largest consumer of goods and services and one of the country's largest investors. Colombia is the largest exporter of oil, coal and other minerals to the United States. Petro came to power last August promising social reforms. He met with President Joe Biden at the White House in April. Source: AFP Learn more:

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