Defendant Tory Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the shooting death of Megan Thee Stallion.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford sentenced Lanez, 31, who was indicted in December on three counts of assault with a semiautomatic rifle; Reloaded, unregistered firearms and illegal firearms.

The ruling ends a major lawsuit that has posed a social threat to hip-hop, raising issues of black people's reluctance to talk to the police, gender politics in hip-hop, the toxicity of the internet and the protection of black women. The result is misogyny, another form of misogyny experienced by black women.

Hereford said it was "difficult to reconcile" what many believed to be Lanez's kind, generous and kind father at the trial with the man who shot Meghan.

"Sometimes good people do bad things," Hereford said. “Kung fu pays off and there are no winners here.”


Meghan testified that in July 2020, when she left Kylie Jenner's Hollywood shower, she was taken from the SUV she was riding in As she came down, Lanez shot her in the back of the leg and yelled at her to dance. There are mountains at home. He had to step in to remove bullet splinters.

"I haven't had a single day of peace since I was shot and killed by the defendant," Meghan said in a statement read by prosecutors on Monday. "Well, but honestly, I'm alive and I'm back, but I'll never be the same again."

Lanez's father, Sonstar Peterson, speaking before sentencing By the time the rapper's mother broke down in tears when he was 11, Lanez showed signs of anemia days later.

"I don't think anyone is upset about that," she said of her youngest child, whose legal name is Nyyezi Peterson. "But his music became an instrument."

Lanez began releasing mixtapes in 2009 and appeared on major albums, growing in popularity. His last two songs reached the pop top ten.

Megan Thee Stallion is 28 years old and was already a huge star at the time of filming and her popularity has only grown since then. She, born Megan Pete, won the 2021 Grammy Award for Best New Artist and her first award.

Christian pastor Elder Peterson was one of many who spoke about Lanez's character and offered love - as did the mother of Lanez's little boy, who spoke in court about Lanez's paternal qualities. Several others wrote to Hereford, including activist Iggy Azalea, who asked the judge to impose a "revised sentence, not the death penalty".

Hereford said there was also a handwritten letter from Lanez's son, aged about six, but the judge did not elaborate.

The Lanez family and their supporters occupied the courtroom; at trial he argued his case was brought by Meghan and the power singer. After the decision was announced in December, Lanez's father condemned the "bad path" it had taken for his son; Sonstar Peterson spoke to Hereford on Monday about his remarks. Apologize.

Lanez has been imprisoned since his conviction. A pastor at the Los Angeles County Jail said in court Monday that Lanez led the daily worship group and eased tensions within the security team holding him.

On May 9, Hereford rejected a plea by Lanez defense lawyers for a new trial. Lawyers for Lanez argued that there was not enough evidence to convict him and that some of the evidence presented to the jury was inadmissible.

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Lawyer disputes Meghan's claim Lanez encouraged her not to go to the police because she was in trouble and he was too When it comes to trouble, it's untrustworthy and unacceptable. Do bad things. He also said DNA evidence, which prosecutors said Lanez was the shooter, did not meet industry standards.

Lanez's attorney said in his motion that he should receive probation and enter a drug rehab program when he gets out of prison. He plans to appeal the decision.

Earlier on Monday, Hereford knew Meghan was in grave danger when she was shot, but Lanez shot her with no malice or evil.

"He has permanent scars," Assistant District Attorney Alexander Bott told the court. And will definitely live with mental illness for the rest of my life.

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