Opinion: Putin tries to divert our attention from apparent blow to

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently been trying to achieve two goals. The West's goal is to stop him.

First, he wants to distract the country, which means he fails on the battlefield to achieve his goals.

David Andelman Russian military power.

Russia and Ukraine and their Western allies are doing everything they can to reverse the winter solstice and decide who will win Europe's biggest war since World War II. It's worth taking a closer look at what's happening now.

The strength of the European powers

First of all, the West and its ability to continue to provide military equipment to Ukraine, which is participating in this war of the weak against the strong.

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This continued capacity depends on different factors - from whether there will be sufficient and limited electricity for the upcoming winter, to conflicts between the prevailing needs of different countries.

In Brussels in the early hours of Friday, the European Union agreed to rein in rising electricity prices due to an embargo on Russian goods and the Kremlin's ongoing gas cuts.

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This includes an unexpected threat to the European gas market (the Dutch stock exchange) and approval for EU oil companies to build vehicles to buy gas on the international market.

French President Emmanuel Macron cheered from the meeting in what he described as a "resurgence of European solidarity" as he acknowledged the European Commission had a "clear mandate" to start working on the gas sector.

Differences remain, however, with Germany, Europe's largest economy, not concerned about tariffs. Now, the energy minister and the German government need to explain that they want to increase the use of these cups - another burden of illegal substances.

Putin's friends in Europe In the Kremlin's view, the major European powers are on the brink of success, which corresponds to the country's refusal to agree on key principles.

Germany and France already disagree on many issues. Even to find accommodation, Macron and Chairman Olaf Scholz are planning a meeting on Wednesday.

Italy now has a new government. Georgia Meloni was sworn in on Saturday as Italy's first female prime minister and sought to defy her party's traditions. As one of his right-wing allies, he praised Putin.

. Enjoy 20 bottles of vodka sent by Putin. to each other.

Berlusconi said in a secretly recorded tape that he returned bottles of Lambrusco to Putin and said in the LaPresse video, "I know he is a peaceful and sensible man". .

Matteo Salvini, another leader of Italy's ruling party, who was appointed deputy prime minister on Saturday, said in his defence, "I don't want [Russia] to sanction those who make them stronger than those." People are bad. They. They attack them."

Meanwhile, Poland and Hungary, which have long rallied to EU liberal principles to curtail its power, will not agree now on Ukrainian-Hungarian Viktor Orbán.

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Similar forces are at play in Washington, where Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy will become Speaker of the House if the Republicans take power after next month’s elections, telling interviewers, “I Think people won't write checks to Ukraine when they're frustrated with the economy. They just won't."

Meanwhile, on Monday, the 30-member House of Representatives asked Biden to start talks with Russia to end the war , as Russian troops seized large swaths of the country while missiles and drones attacked the country. Facing opposition fire, President Mia Jacob spoke to the media to "clarify" their support for Ukraine. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also called on his Ukrainian friend Dmytro Kuleba to extend US aid


. already asked. Biden changes Ukraine policy

Yes, the US has provided over $60 billion in aid since Biden took office, and when Congress approved $40 billion for Ukraine last May, only the Republican Party voted for the new fund.

In short, Putin has an incentive to delay the war as long as possible to get more Western organizations involved. A long winter in Europe, rising inflation and high interest rates will lead to a recession. On both sides of the Pacific, it cannot be ruled out that former leaders are under pressure to return economic and military support.

Support of Ukrainians with weapons, equipment and military training is the basis of their great success in the war against the weak, disorganized and unprepared Russian army.

Meanwhile, the West is creating problems in Russia. Last Thursday, the State Department released a report on the results of the sanctions

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