Cristiano Ronaldo famous celebration style 'copied' by THIS player

Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Siu” celebration was humorously imitated by Patrick Mahomes as he scored a penalty kick past social media sensation IShowSpeed.

Mahomes, who along with his wife Brittany owns a minority stake in the women's soccer team KC Current, coolly passed the ball into the ground's right-hand corner, according .

And when he performed the "Siu" in front of Speed, a well-known supporter of Ronaldo, he made sure to make fun of him afterwards.

“That's your Ronaldo, right?” he said as he performed his goal in.

Following Novak Djokovic's tribute to Ronaldo in March during a pick-up soccer match at Indian Wells, Mahomes paid his respects to the player.

Patrick Mahomes copying Cristiano Ronaldo's Siu celebration.

The 'Siu' was also performed by Bucks player and minority owner of Nashville SC Giannis Antetokounmpo prior to the MLS team's League Cup Final matchup with Inter Miami last summer.

Since he was a Real Madrid player in 2013, Ronaldo has been performing the celebration.

From that time, he has carried it with him to Al-Nassr, a Saudi Arabian club, Juventus, and Manchester United.

Moreover, Mahomes led the Chiefs to their second consecutive Super Bowl victory and had another fantastic season.

Being a starter, he's averaging 36.5 throwing touchdowns per season, so if he wants to, he should have no shortage of opportunities to get the 'Siu' in the end zone next season.

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