Senegal’s president stops reception on his return trip, sacks chief spy

The end of the protocol arrangement that required the mobilization of all high authorities of the Republic upon his return from his trip marks a new break initiated by the new authorities - President Bassirou Diomaye Faye and Prime Minister Ousman Sonko.

According to information from the Presidency, the president does not want  senior civilian and military authorities to lose half a day of work simply to welcome him back from his trip.

From now on, protocol and honours will only be granted for his travels at the time of departure, our sources say.

Senegalese chief spy sacked

According to official sources, President Faye has sacked the Senegalese head of Intelligence  Services, General Cheikh Sene, and replaced him with General  Elhadjie Daouda Niang.

Since Faye assumed office, many heads have rolled.

Meanwhile, the sources added, President  Faye “still stays” in a private residence and works at the State House as did former president Macky Sall.

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