The Russian NGO known as "Foreign Aid" is still trying to create change.

In 2012, the right to a “foreign sponsor” was introduced into Russian law, requiring non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to receive foreign financial support and participate in what authorities consider to be political activities in the Russian Federation. On December 1, 2022, a new law was enacted requiring them to act as foreign representatives in any form on the radio.

Articles and 24 Russian words should be written above each article: "This article (material) was created and/or published by foreign journalists working for foreign clients and Russian legal institutions performing the work. a foreign Client."

In Russian, the term "foreign agent" is the same as "spy".


Since 2013, over 550 people and organizations have been listed on the Foreign Buyers Register. Organizations identified as foreign buyers but not separately registered must pay a fine of 100,000 to 400,000 rubles ($1,295-5,181). If the fine is not paid within 60 days, a new fine will be issued.

Many people are afraid to work with such organizations. For some NGOs, they stop working once they are deemed foreign clients.

In 2015, the Freedom of Information Foundation was announced as an external sponsor. Since 2004, the foundation has been researching, analyzing and enforcing the legitimate information rights of citizens and organizations. After taking this new name, it closed its doors.

The charity "Svecha" ("Candle") was also closed after being identified as a different client. This organization provides services to people living with HIV. Officials considered posts about the foundation's activities on his personal Facebook page to be "political."

Diabetes Organization of the Saratov Region; the Support Center for Indigenous Peoples of the North; the Arkhangelsk Youth Development Organization "Etas" - these are just a few of the many organizations that were closed for the same reason. "A Foreign Land" is haunted by death.

Now there are a lot of NGOs like hunting animals. The Moscow Times tried to contact several LGBT organizations, some of which have since withdrawn, but no one was willing to comment. "How can I prove that you are not in a government organization? If I tell you about our situation, you can arrest me and my friends," said a member of an LGBT group.

In 2023, the Free Buryatia Foundation was announced as an external sponsor. Members of the foundation have written about Buryatia's humanitarian efforts and said they opposed the invasion of Ukraine. According to Mediazona (and "foreign agents"), Buryatia has suffered one of the highest casualties in Russia since the war began. Today, many of the Foundation's employees live abroad.

Other environmental groups have been announced as foreign sponsors for the 2022-2023 season, including the notorious Salmon Institute, Sakhalin Environmental Watch and WWF Russia. The reason is the acceptance of financial aid from abroad. Some are in the elimination phase today. WWF Russia declined to speak to The Moscow Times, but the WWF website has a video message from its director, Dmitry Gorshkov, saying WWF Russia is continuing its work.


Despite the difficulties, some NGOs continue to work as external representatives.

In 2020, the headquarters of "Nasiliu.Net" (No To Violence), Russia's attempt to end domestic violence, is considered foreign. In 2023, their leader, Anna Rivina, is human-like.

"I know that the main reason we had to deal with domestic violence laws didn't happen. All the allegations against me were related to what I said in interviews. For example, the cases mentioned. I interviewed in Forbes -- I said If the government controlled domestic violence, we wouldn't need programs like ours. Government authorities refuse to release information about the persecution of the LGBT community.

This is 7% of the total income of foreigners, so Anna Rivina decided to cancel the foreigner Donate in the hope that she'll get it off the roster. Now he's given up on that hope.

Rivina told the Moscow Times that some female volunteers said they could not work in a well-known foreign organization. But on the other hand, there were almost two contributions - the Russians came to support the base. But that didn't solve the group's problem. "However, after our previous commercial and government projects, few editors today want to write for us. We cannot deliver classes or attend events. Articles should be written. "It's been tough on the team," Rivina said.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, a soldier who left the war in Ukraine returned home and killed his wife. Rivina believes that more information like this, because of women. You can talk about domestic violence to learn more about warning signs, learn how to reduce violence, and find out who to turn to for help. "Russians should be prepared to hear about the Holocaust," Rivina said.

Many foreign stories have happy endings. Conscript Law School conducts courses and offers seminars for candidates. In 2023, it will also be included in the foreign aid roster. The first time was in 2016, as the brand name was paid for by foreigners at the Legal Mission Foundation — an annual contribution of 600 rubles ($7). The following year, the organization canceled the registration of foreign workers.

Their jobs have not changed, apart from more financial reporting, according to Alexei Tabalov, a lawyer who manages the law school for conscription. "Right now we have to write a special sign on the message, but we'll send it again. If we forget something, we can pay a fine and some of our workers will be abroad. We're worried about people getting hurt. .with us, but Our come come as foreign messenger is no using. When people need help, it doesn't matter who provides it - foreign donations or not. "

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