GOP won’t pass FISA surveillance bill without amendments after Durham report accuses FBI of abuse

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner said Republicans will not reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act without major changes, signaling bipartisan support for changes that could be made. US espionage and secret court warrants.

Mr. Turner, along with Representatives Darin LaHood and Mike Garcia, advocated for FISA reform, specifically Section 702, citing the FBI's special investigation by Cons John Durham.

"We are very clear at both levels, the intelligence community and the FBI, that Congress does not support authorizing 702," Turner told the Washington Examiner.

Mr Turner joins House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and other Democrats in criticizing FISA powers given to the intelligence community. President Biden, however, has pushed for reform.

"We have to change. We're going to talk about change, not just 702," Turner said. . Yet activists say they're being abused and used as a back door to spy on Americans. Section 702 since 2008 For the first time since it was enacted, opponents of the law have reaped substantial profits.

Historically, this measure has the support of leaders in Congress and the White House. For example, in 2018, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and President Trump supported ratification.

Mr. Biden and his officials made no amendments to his election. However, the department appears to need to talk to lawmakers about the extent of bilateral cooperation to help reform the department, as well as public works.

One of the main demands of opponents of this section is for a law requiring law enforcement authorities to obtain a warrant in order to collect and search information.

Section 702 was created during the George W. Bush administration as a way to fight crime and its supporters, as intelligence chief Bill Burns revealed Find and manage Entitlements for your organization's network. Like drug gangs.

The National Education Director explains on his website that the grant is intended to "fill the collection gap created by technological changes following the enactment of FISA in 1978". Because of this, "many terrorists and other foreign adversaries are using emails sent by U.S. companies."

Before Section 702 was enacted, investigators had to "seek a court order, subject to discovery, to obtain information on non-U.S. persons abroad," such as the attorney general's office said.

Although law enforcement officials insist they do not use FISA warrants to target Americans, there have been numerous well-documented FISA violations since Section 702 was introduced.

Critics such as the American Civil Liberties Union in Sec. 702 “The United States government conducts widespread, unauthorized surveillance of the text messages, emails, and other electronic communications of Americans and foreign nationals.”

According to civil rights groups, Information collected using Section 702 "is without merit and could be used to prosecute or detain individuals, even for crimes that do not affect national security. Island."

FISA court ruling in 2022, Lawfare says FBI improperly used Section 702 Articles to spy on Americans supporting the George Floyd protests and the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill led to 278,000 warrantless searches in early 2020.


While the actual law surrounding FISA may seem contrived to some, Byzantine privacy advocates say the FISA and Section 702 reforms are the biggest step toward protecting American privacy in years.



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