'I won't hide': T.T. MP Jenny Kwan says she won't allow China to erase history

Text message from Canadian spy agency warning Jenny Kwan they want Chinese interference, about an hour.

In less than a second, he said, he decided that Beijing would not be allowed to weaken its agenda.

A Hong Kong-born MP representing Vancouver East spoke out against the atrocities of the CCP. It usually represents the minority of the Uyghur Muslim ethnic group.

Kwan told The Canadian Press that this is why the Chinese government, which has followed him since before the 2019 federal election, is "greening".

He said he received an award from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service last week. Due to security regulations, he cannot reveal the sensitive information he shares. But he said he didn't see the problem when it happened.

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B.C. MP Jenny Kwan says CSIS says China is spying on her and NDP.

He said he felt the fight for human rights was more important, especially as the 34th anniversary of China's Tiananmen Square massacre on Monday approached.

"It wasn't something I had when I was in Hong Kong. My parents were not happy about it. My grandfather was not happy about it," Kwan said, adding that he was neither comfort nor frightened.

Vancouver Many Hong Kongers will celebrate them, said Dong Meibao, chairman of the Democratic Movement.

Stories still in conflict

Freedom in the city has declined since Beijing imposed national security laws after mass protests. -Democracy was removed in 2019.

"It's an effective way to erase this history," said Kwan, who moved to Hong Kong at the age of nine.

joined Dong at a democracy march in Vancouver last week to honor the protesters who lost their lives in the massacre. Many in the Hong Kong diaspora wear masks to avoid punishment from relatives back home.

"We encourage people to wear masks, sunglasses and hats so their faces are not recognized. They are afraid of being labeled," Dong said. Kwan said he reached out to parents who mourned their dead children in public by not lighting candles outside their homes because it was considered illegal.

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