Since Tucker took over , Fox News Channel has also joined the ranks of MSNBC. by 2022. "

Fox News is still dealing with the fallout from its "parting ways" with host Tucker Carlson. As the network's ratings continued to decline, left-leaning MSNBC continued to dominate and surpassed Fox News by several ratings.

"MSNBC's Rachel Maddow led Monday's primetime ratings with 2.53 million viewers and 212,000 25-54 viewers. Maddow's clout was strong enough to drive the season's totals to No. 1, followed by Fox News ), with 1.73 million viewers. However, Fox won the show with 178,000 viewers compared to CNN's 161,000 and MSNBC's 160,000," Mediaite said. Things were so bad on the networks that Sean Hannity was on the big show

Behind MSNBC's Joy Reid in

. Liberal reporter Glenn Greenwald wrote on Twitter: "Fox's '8pm with Tucker' is not only on big Number one in the show - 25 - 54 - and with 400,000 viewers, touched even more. Without Tucker, MSNBC lost: nearly 100,000 viewers. Hannity finished 14th behind Joy Reid! Everything fell apart. It's clear that Fox fired Tucker not just for the money, nor because of Murdoch's or Paul Ryan's intentions. Tucker's shot broke his first season. Tucker’s tweets for two weeks can’t match Fox’s. They want him to calm down.

Hannity felt the pressure of Carlsen's sudden dismissal on his debut.

The Hannity Show had 2 million viewers in the last week of May and has dropped to 1.7 million viewers in June of the season. By comparison, before Carlson's departure, Hannity's original show averaged 3 million viewers a night.

After years of dominating cable news, Fox News Channel was squeezed out in prime time by its left-leaning rival MSNBC.

"On Tuesday, Nielsen Media reporter AJ Katz shared stats on Twitter for the week ending last Sunday. Fox prime-time 8pm-11pm ET ratings were 1,504,429, according to the source. According to Newsweek, “The majority of viewers left MSNBC during the same period, with 1,520,857 viewers, the biggest win for the network’s longtime news anchor.”

In a press release, The network announced that Jesse Watters will take over the 8 p.m. slot, directly replacing Carlson. Laura Ingraham will move from 10pm to 7pm, Sean Hannity will move from 9pm to 9pm, Greg Gutfeld will move from 10pm to 11pm A week after the dollar was abruptly ousted from Fox News, the power surrounding "the ad system about the 2020 election. Ratings are the lowest since Carlson, who has become a controversial but popular figure on the network in the seven years he's hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight," Mediaite said.

"Waters joined Fox News two decades ago and rose from assistant producer to anchor on Bill O'Reilly's TV show," he added. "Perhaps the biggest change was the delay of the late-night show Gutfeld! from 11 p.m. to an hour later."

Here's how the story ends: "In recent years, he's become one of the most talked-about people on the Internet, As the host of a hit show called "The Five" as well as the host of his own show "Waters World," premiering... 2022 at 7pm."

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