Secret White House cocaine probe could end next week

Despite the suspect's name, the U.S. Secret Service will still complete its investigation into a bag of cocaine found in the West Wing earlier this week, an administration official told CNN.

"As of Thursday night, investigators have not yet had DNA results or fingerprinting, but have begun reviewing visitor logs and security cameras. This time indicates that the investigation is going well, but the optical investigation is not, and the timeline may change." America Wired television news network.

"The official also said it was difficult to tell who the individual was because there were many people walking through the door near where the bag of cocaine was found. CNN reported that the cocaine was found in a small container near the west entrance inside the wing. The tour was led by White House staff. Weekends are available for business trips,” he added.

The U.S. Secret Service discovered an “unidentified object” on Sunday night, forcing him to leave the White House. A source familiar with the matter confirmed on Wednesday that laboratory tests found the substance at the White House presidential residence on Sunday. Cocaine, Washington Fire Department sent a team to investigate. A spokesman said all road closures have been lifted.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre answered questions about the cocaine discovery and the investigation into what happened.

The following is a transcript of an exchange:


: "Explain to us where these items were found in the West Wing?"

Jean-Pierre: "I won't go into details. I mean, When people visit the West Wing, - part of the West Wing is where they walk a lot, that's where people come to this area, I walk a lot, I don't talk about things. I don't go in - I don't go out on secret missions, So I'll leave it to you..."

Reporter: "There are several entrances to the West Wing, and we all know that when the President is in the West Wing, the Marines are stationed there. There is another entrance on West Executive Avenue. Can you explain which number we are talking about?

Jean-Pierre: "I'll leave the Secret Service to discuss this."

Reporter: "Can you explain why - you can't." I mean, you said it was a very busy place.

Jean-Pierre: "It's secret - I just told the Secret Service." We got this from the Secret Service. So I have a lot to say to you guys here, but again, they have an opinion. Currently under investigation. For them, when they look at the problem, there are more approaches. We believe they will go down the road in this plan. So, I'll just leave it to them.


: "These items were found late Sunday. What tours did the staff take on the West Wing on a recent Sunday?

Jean-Pierre: "You know, I don't have any information about recent work trips - trips led by workers, but I can tell you one on Friday, one on Saturday, one on Sunday." The only times we don't have a West Wing tour are federal holidays, like yesterday, or a big White House or White House event. There is no reality. Let's -- let's put the Secret Service under this. They'll be more, want more, and we're sure they can think of it all. So, I have to give them the opportunity to do that.


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