Ukraine latest: German foreign minister cancels talks with Putin

Putin mocks European leaders for trusting US

Russian President Vladimir Putin mocked European leaders in a video presentation on Russian television on Sunday.

The video shows Putin as one of the European leaders relying on the US in the Ukraine war.

"If tomorrow says: 'We've decided to hang you all!' someone asks a question, their eyes darkened with confidence: 'Can we do this with cables tied to the house? Putin said, according to state news agency TASS.

"It's another thing for them, sorry. I think it's a problem for them, because Americans don't object to …

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Hundreds of Wagnerian fighters have arrived in Central African Republic, the contractor said Sunday to help Russian weapons, help Central African Republic weapons. Constitutional elections were then scheduled for July 3," the firm said. Earlier this week, Putin said the party had no constitution to govern.

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