Prohibited to Do Business in Ukraine - Support H.RES.113

UPDATE: Shortly after announcing a massive sale of explosive weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Biden administration announced it would call up 3,000 reservists to support NATO and the Ukraine war. This is yet another example of American leaders expanding our abusive relationship and putting the diplomatic agenda above ours. Instead of putting Ukraine first, America should go back to the policies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Contact your US Representatives and Senators, insist on stopping all US aid to Ukraine, and file H.Res.113 first.

Members of the United States House of Representatives wants to pass a resolution calling for the cessation of all US aid to Ukraine. It is important that the House passes this resolution, and it is also important that a similar resolution is introduced and passed by the Senate.

H.Res.113, entitled "Ukraine Fatigue Solutions", United States representative. Co-sponsored by Matt Gates (R-FL) and 10.

. If passed, H.Res.113 [would express] the opinion of the House of Representatives that the United States should cease military and financial assistance to Ukraine and [encourage] all warring parties to reach a peace agreement.

1 "H. Donor to Ukraine" for "providing over $110,000,000,000,000 in military, financial, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine." "Information on various services and orders sent to Ukraine

In addition, the resolution shows that in November 2022, the United States has sent nearly 48 billion U.S. dollars to Ukraine, surpassing the second largest donor country. When encountering difficulties."

H.Res.113 is correct. The war in Ukraine — and our government’s support for it — is clearly contrary to America’s national interests. The Biden administration is putting money in the pockets of Ukraine even as our country and people deteriorate.

US $110 billion in funding for Ukraine is enough to build seven 450-mile walls along the US-Mexico border, or $200 million to each of the 435 congressional districts. As the crisis at the U.S. border continues, the Biden administration has sent Border Patrol agents to the Polish and Ukrainian borders.

Continued U.S. support for Ukraine threatens U.S. national security and threatens to plunge the U.S. into a nuclear-powered hot war. Instead, America should heed the wisdom of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. For example, President George Washington said in his farewell address: “It is our true policy to avoid permanent alliance with any foreign party.” Congress should not be concerned with security and border issues in Ukraine, but with the national security of the United States and the protection of the southern border with Mexico.

to contact your US representative. Support H.Res.113 and your fellow US Congressmen. Explain and adopt similar decisions. Encourage them to avoid foreign wars and start putting America's interests first.

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to contact your US representative. and Senators

Please contact your representatives and US Senators to help pass H.Res. 113 ending US aid to Ukraine. Let them understand the many reasons why our primary agenda works against Ukraine's interests, and encourage them to follow the Founding Fathers' advice to secure America's national interest. forward.

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