American jailed for almost two years in Russia, ransom David Barnes is being held in the same Moscow jail that held Trevor Reed.

David Barnes, an American who has been imprisoned in Russia since early 2022, must wait another three weeks to return to a Moscow court.

Barnes, who is facing a bar investigation, was accused by Russian prosecutors of abusing his two sons in Texas, though Houston-area police investigated past allegations made by his wife and were unable to produce them. them.

Kelly Blackburn of the Attorney General's Office said: "There have been no charges against David Barnes in Montgomery County, nor has our office been involved in any Russian involvement in connection with David Barnes. Allegation," Montgomery County, Texas, told ABC News.

Facing Judge

Barnes appeared in court on Tuesday as Russian prosecutors continued their case, but until September. The prosecution is expected to conclude arguments during the trial, after which the defense will begin their arguments.

The Texas resident was arrested in January 2022.

"There is not a single day in a Russian prison," Barnes wrote to ABC News. "But for most people, every day since January 13, 2022 has been spent mentally, physically and emotionally." violated a court order and took two children from the United States.

Further information: Retrial of David Barnes, American imprisoned in Russia

Conroe Montgomery County Courthouse, Texas here. Montgomery County prosecutors say David Barnes was not charged there, but his ex-wife Svetlana Koptyaeva ...

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After Koptyaeva and the country boys split, a Texas court appointed Barnes as the boys' sole guardian and he will be their primary manager. However, this evidence was impossible because none of these children were found in the United States.

Montgomery County prosecutors were able to charge Koptieva with preventing child custody for taking the child. He is currently wanted by the state of Texas for a felony.

Barnes said he flew to Moscow because even if he had the opportunity to stay at home, it was difficult to leave without seeing the children.

Koptyaeva, who said that shortly after Barnes arrived in Moscow, his family contacted Russian authorities to clarify his story in Texas, accusing Barnes of child abuse in Texas. He told ABC News that a U.S. judge did not protect them, so they were forced to leave the country, and he and his sons underwent multiple psychiatric evaluations.

In March, Koptyaeva said her sons' claims deserved support and respect. He said he was not sure the boys would stand up in Moscow, but with footage of their interviews with investigators, what the boys remembered had to be believed.

During the lengthy divorce and more recently, Koptieva brought child abuse allegations against Barnes to Texas authorities, according to documents reviewed by ABC News. Despite a search and investigation warrant issued in response to these concerns, the Department of Family and Protective Services found insufficient evidence to support the allegations and closed the case without finding harassment and allegations against Barnes.

In 2017, the agreement between Barnes and Koptyaeva stipulated that Koptyaeva "shall not say anything, written or spoken, to anyone saying that ... [David Barnes] ... had sex with his underage child" -- though he hasn't given up any legal practice.

While the Moscow case involved Texas charges, Lone Star state prosecutors were not involved in the Russia case and said they were unaware that Barnes was being held in Russia on charges involving Texas. Until 2022 when ABC News told them the story.

Barnes maintains his innocence.

David Barnes (in the photo provided by his family) has been held in a Russian prison since January.

Carol Barnes

"I came to Russia because I love my children so much," Barnes said. "I wanted to make an official visit to Russia, to visit them and be their loving father, but it has been denied for three years."

"The likelihood of this happening is low"

Trials to start in November 2022 , but since the performances are not performed on consecutive days, the trials are very frequent and there are many delays.

Unlike other Americans imprisoned in Russia, the public and media were not allowed in during Barnes' trial because the case was a minor, but it was revealed that Barnes was arrested by an ABC News reporter Brought into court in handcuffs. after Tuesday's hearing.

"I hope the jury will see the substance of the charges and find them 'not guilty,' but my lawyers tell me that is highly unlikely," Barnes said.

Joey Reed knows the consequences of taking small risks. His son, Trevor Reed, is being held in the same Russian prison where Barnes is. After Trevor Reed was convicted, he was sentenced to prison and then returned home through a prisoner exchange.

Joey Reed contacted the Barnes family to compare the experience with his loved ones in Russia.

"It seems like an open case to me," said Joy Reid, who called on the US government to act. "We want them to support David Barnes and some of these Americans in the same way they supported Trevor and Britney Greener." Moscow officials have visited him six times since his arrest, most recently in March.

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