Waitress who worked for grieving elderly man for 7 years made a fortune after his death

The waiter who worked at the grieving old man for 7 years received a gift after his death now is the time to eat well and try new things. And you don't have to worry about cleaning tables or fixing dishes. Plus, it's always nice to get out of the house.

Restaurant staff have to work hard to give guests a chance to relax. Chefs, managers and waiters went out of their way to make the trip go smoothly. Melina Salazar from Texas is one such hard worker. Over the years, he has learned how to handle difficult situations and rare visitors. Some clients are better than others. As always, World War II hero Buck is one of the hardest people to please in the Ruby household. Despite his reputation, he made Salazar's life better.

Passionate about her job

Being a waitress isn't a dream job for most people, but Melina Salazar isn't like most people. He works at Lucy's, a restaurant in Texas. After working in the industry for many years, Salazar loves what he does. Most importantly, he did a great job. According to his colleagues, he is probably the best waiter in the restaurant.

Customer service is a top priority at Salazar. All customers should be treated with respect no matter how difficult it may be. Friends of Salazar said he was always smiling and making people happy. These circumstances set him apart, but also led him through some of the greatest challenges he's ever faced... Management wants him to protect Rupee's struggling clients. Most people are tired of the job, but Salazar has no problem. He enjoyed the challenge.

A client so difficult that some players don't want to deal with it unless they have no other choice. Although Salazar admitted it wasn't a walk in the park for him. He is one of the most difficult customers I have ever met. However, he has reason to continue to serve him.

Most Difficult Client Employees try to avoid him because of his short relationship and negative attitude. Buck had been coming to Ruby's for lunch. During that time, he had a bad reputation. Since then, no one has been willing to serve him.

Salazar Alone: ​​He can take on Buck all by himself.

Always carping

Old folks complain about everything, but Buck's a tough guy. The moment they entered the restaurant, everyone was ready for what was to come. Although the food was good, Buck found some complaints.

Buck is not very patient, he has been distracted while waiting. It was so bad that sometimes he cursed the tree. Even seasoned workers sometimes tire of his behavior. But for Salazar, Buck isn't a problem, he's an interesting challenge. He just serves him with a smile.

Honor above all else

But what is his secret? How did Salazar swear? Despite his bad behavior, Salazar believed that respect was the key to good work. He was firm, though sometimes he got too close to Buck. Still, Buck found a special place in her heart. He began to think of the old man. Of course, he had no special admiration for her.

Best waiter

Later, Salazar was the only one waiting for Buck. His expression and sarcasm didn't bother her. To him, Buck was like any other customer in need. Salazar was always trying to deal with Buck quickly. The only time he won't take an order is when it's very busy. He sees Buck as a man who will serve him as well as anyone else. In this way, he became a good bearer in his eyes.

Popular Request

Buck doesn't seem to like a lot of stuff. The only thing is that he likes to cook hot dishes. Whatever he orders off the menu at Ruby's, one thing is for sure: It has to be piping hot. According to Salazar, the food tasted good because it warmed his palate.

For seven years, Buck came to the restaurant at the same time every day. Over the years, Salazar learned about her need for food. He tries to meet his needs. He's always trying to comfort her, even though it's not an easy task.

Every year, the relationship between Salazar and Buck gets better. He knows how to cook food properly and always has a smile on his face. She also tried to engage her in a conversation by asking the man how his day was. When Salazar bonds with Buck, his friends don't know how to handle their difficult client with a smile. He is happy every day. His thinking is different from other people's thinking. He even smiled a few times.

A special day

In the seven years that Melina Salazar and Buck have known each other, other players have come and gone. Even the chefs know exactly when Buck enters the restaurant. through thick and thin

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