Expensive items only available in Dubai

Over the past few decades, Dubai has developed into one of the world's leading cities for architecture and technology. People living in Dubai enjoy the best life in the world.

Dubai attracts celebrities like Robert De Niro, the Kardashians and just about every Instagram sensation. With a GDP of $108 billion, the city is home to attractions such as resorts, aquariums, parks and artificial islands. The modern architecture stands in stark contrast to all the flora and fauna of the emirate.

With all that money, there is little that Emiratis cannot afford. Here are some of the hidden delights one can find in Dubai.

Although WaterCar is an American company in Southern California, it is well known in Dubai. WaterCar specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality vehicles. The company was founded in 1999 by Dave March, who was inspired by the Amphicar (a large car) of the 1960s to create the WaterCar.

The first commercial water car was introduced to the public in 2013 when WaterCar released the Panther. Priced at more than $135,000, the new model has become a popular device in Dubai, even among the elite. Even Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad Al Mak, Crown Prince of Dubai, owns six Toum (Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum) is no exception. These subs, himself.

The hydraulic suspension will keep the wheels off the road when traveling through the water at speeds up to 10 mph. In less than fifteen seconds, it is possible to transfer from a land vehicle to sea, finally. With upgrades, the "Bond-like" vehicle can reach speeds in excess of 60 mph.

Dubai is known for its terraces and man-made islands, and there are plenty of hotels where guests can stay in underwater hotel rooms. Most suites are located in the Ambassador Lagoon, where guests can enjoy the best ocean views at an affordable price. The most famous underground area of ​​Atlantis, The Palm.


Underwater Hotel @cntravele / Pinterest.com

Neptune and Poseidon are two underwater suites at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai. They feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a bird's-eye view of the more than 65 marine species that live in the lake.

However, if you want to stay in an underwater hotel, be prepared to spend money. An underwater hotel in Dubai will set you back at least $314 a night, more than the best hotels in the US. A night in the most luxurious underwater hotel can cost as much as $25,000 a night.

3. Robot Camera Racer

Estimate Price: $500/robot jockey*

Manufacturer: Various local shops

Before 2004 camel racing in the UAE had many human rights issues, including the use of young children as jockeys mentioned above. Emirates responded by stopping all human taxis in 2004 and replacing them with robots.

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