inches of Ukrainian resistance supported by cluster bombs.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malyar confirmed that the village had been rescued on Wednesday morning when a CNN team approached the village with 35 marines. Heavy artillery blocked the entrance to the village. Russian soldiers opened fire on Ukrainian soldiers stationed in the area.

Recordings of the noise of the fighting in the village show many Russian troops flying south of the village. They appeared to be shot while running, sometimes with what appeared to be weapons, and two firearms experts reviewed video footage of the incident. Experts don't want to be known for discussing sensitive issues.

Ukraine recaptures a village in the Donetsk region from Russian soldiers.

Identity of the military company leader Dykyi said of what was happening in Russia: "A lot of people died, especially when they started flying."

The video shows several Russian soldiers They were apparently forced to use asphalt as nearby fields had been hollowed out. Dakey said. Russians also gathered in the bombed buildings.

"A lot of them died there," Dekey said of the mortars and tanks used on the roads. He would not comment on the group's use of weapons.

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The drone footage also shows a Ukrainian tank entering the Russian position, firing and trailing a cable attached to a minesweeper behind it. When the tank leaves the field, the explosives are detonated, ensuring that the following troops can pass through the dead minefield.

"The other side is doing what it wants"

US officials say the Biden administration unleashes Ukrainian troops ahead of a major moral war. Despite their devastating effectiveness against militaries, these weapons disperse small unexploded bombs and will continue to pose a threat to civilians for years to come.

Although Ukraine, Russia and the United States are not signatories to international agreements, more than 100 countries have adopted agreements banning the use of cluster weapons.

The U.S. military claims that the models it sends to Ukraine have only a 2.5 percent "dud" rate and are delivered unfireable -- a fact that has been criticized by critics. By contrast, Western officials say only 30 percent of Russian military equipment is expected to be used in the attack on Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military has confirmed that US weapons are being used on the front lines, but declined to provide details. CNN could not confirm whether the weapons identified by the experts were American weapons. Ukraine is said to have developed a similar weapon domestically that could be used on the front lines.

Urozain's arrest was the second such incident in two weeks.

Ukrainian Armed Forces/Reuters

Yet morale issues surrounding weapons have unnerved military leaders like Dekey, whose party has moved south. "I don't understand," he said. "The other side is using what they want. It's good that our people are suffering from all of these things. But the other party is dead, right?

The return of the small village of Urozhaine represents the advance of a strong resistance, the results of which are measured in meters rather than miles. The Ukrainian army has encountered more difficulties than expected and has been stretched by the Russian defense line, reinforced with large trenches and thousands of kilometers of mines.

When Ukraine uses test drones to destroy Russian bridges

Earlier this week, Kiev denied previous allegations that its military was not making progress, saying my focus was on destroying Russian capabilities and disrupting its government.

At the front, 35th Army's southward push has failed, and Dyke is attacking the "slow seat" of West Coast commanders and specialists.

Opponents, Dykyi said, "come to me like strangers and fight me. Some believe you can fly over mines on a broomstick like Harry Potter. That's not the case in real combat."

"If You don't get the point, you can sit on a chair and eat popcorn." Related

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