Money Flying: The Millionaire Who Owns His Own Airplane.

The famous and wealthy often like to show off their money in lavish ways. Some people buy luxurious houses, some people buy expensive cars, but the biggest way to show off is to fly.

Given the amount of fans and paparazzi these celebrities have, it's clear they need planes. These special flights have all the benefits you can't get when traveling in Business Class on business. Just look at these millionaires and their planes.

One of Elvis Presley's planes sat on the tarmac for 35 years

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GWS Auctions, Inc./AP/YouTube

One of Elvis Presley's planes sat on a New Mexico ranch for 35 years before selling. An anonymous seller listed it for $430,000.

Designed by Presley, this luxury jet boasts stunning features such as red velvet seats, red velvet carpet and blond wood floors - perfect for a king's travel style. At the time of purchase, the aircraft had no engines and required major repairs to the cockpit.


Jimmy Buffett's Grumman HU-16 Albatross

Kurt Sataris/Pinterest


Jimmy Buffett is the ultimate escape musician. His songs mainly focus on islands and escape. If you haven't heard of "Margaritaville," you should, especially if you've had a long day at work. Go for a run with Jimmy Buffett!

Jimmy Buffett needs time to escape too. He did this with his Grumman HU-16 Albatros. This is an old military aircraft, an amphibious aircraft. Jimmy Buffett named his plane the "Hemisphere Dancer." In 1996, Jimmy was lucky to evade Jamaican police when they shot down his plane because they thought he was carrying a flight control device.


John Travolta's Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 707, Boeing 727

Peter Carrette Archive/Getty Images


John Travolta did a lot of things. Who would have thought Danny Zucco would win? How did one guy go from renovating Buchanan High School to owning multiple private jets? This lady is the American dream. Of course, he only played a role.

Yes, John Travolta is the most successful actor of all time. He made a lot of money and owned several private jets. Most people probably don't know that John Travolta, in addition to being an actor, is also a licensed pilot. He owns seven aircraft, including Boeing 707s, Bombardier Challenger 601s, Boeing 727s and other Gulfstream aircraft.


Harrison Ford's Cessna 525B, CJ3 Citation Jet, Ma Jets osiyanasiyana

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