Niger revolution: Wanlov A Kubolor urges Ghanaian soldiers not to fight African allies Saturday 19 August 2023 at 1:51pm by Geraldo Amartey Read more: -niger-coup-wanlov-kubor-begs-ghana army-combatants-africans/w-africans/

Sat 19 Aug 2023 1:51pm By Geraldo Amartey Wanlov the Kubolor in a video asks the Ghanaian army not to fight Niger as they are doing so in the west. ECOWAS deploys troops to Niger as puppet of France and colonial powers Niger is currently under military rule due to coup, and ECOWAS is preparing to send troops from 11 countries, including Ghana, to bring it back. Democracy Stay informed: be the first to follow on Threads! Click here! Pop musician Kubo Lorvanlov has strongly called on the Ghanaian military to reconsider what they are doing in light of the current situation in Niger. He also expressed concern that if he joined the ECOWAS troops deployed in Niger, he might inadvertently become a weapon of the West. Vanlov Kubolor in Niger for talks on takeover Source: Vanlov Source: Instagram Vanlov stressed his strong opposition to the consequences of ECOWAS' military intervention. They fear that by sending troops to Niger from West African countries including Ghana, Western countries could be used as Western money Read more: - wanlov-kubor-begs-ghana army-combat-friend-african/

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