Is bamboo suitable for construction?

The arc of the Green School in Bali has been completed in 2021 Green

Bali is made of bamboo One of the most important designs.

Designed by Studio Ibuku using approximately 12.4 tons of Dendrocalamus Asper, also known as thick or giant bamboo, the lighthouse was completed in April 2021. Plus the green symbol of bamboo, discover the best tools to help the artist take less of his creative breath.

Like wood, bamboo plants absorb carbon as they grow and can act as a carbon sink, storing more carbon than most other tree species.

A bamboo farm can store 401 tons of carbon per hectare (about 2.5 acres). By comparison, bamboo forests in China can store 237 tonnes of carbon per hectare, according to a report by the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) and the University of Delft in the Netherlands.

It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world - some species can grow as fast as one meter per day.

Additionally, bamboo is a grass, so when the stems are harvested, it will regrow like most trees.

It has a long history of construction in Asia, but in Europe and the United States it remains a building block.

In these markets, thermally and chemically treated bamboo is used for flooring, kitchen countertops, and cutting boards, but not as a building material.




About 12 tonnes of bamboo made of The Arc

Part of the problem, according to Christopher Matthews, a designer at London's Atelier One, is ignorance.

"One of the biggest challenges is that no one knows how to use bamboo," said Matthews, who works in a Bali school.

"Then let's try it. We were there, lifting them up with sandbags to see how strong they were.

Mr Matthews said demand for bamboo was increasing, with 30 per cent of his company's customers using it. these materials. Bamboo house. Small, big, and the workers know how to use it. If we start using it in Europe, it will be expensive. But since it's widely used, there's no reason to doubt it. And prices will come down. ”

He said the company was in early talks to help build homes out of bamboo in the UK.

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BambooLogic Having a Garden in Portugal

Bamboo is great for growing in Europe, but large varieties do not grow well in cold northern regions.

BambooLogic wants to change that - it's Europe's first large-scale grower.

"Of course you need a lot of sunlight and water," says Jan Detavernier, a consultant at BambooLogic, which owns bamboo plantations in Portugal.

"In the south, there is plenty of sunshine." He said he could restore the damaged land. “Where we farm in southern Portugal, the soil is very bad. Because bamboo captures carbon dioxide and releases it into the earth, the earth becomes a better place. “In Europe, we don’t know how to utilize bamboo for products. In Asia, there are a lot, but in Europe, there is less data.”

Dr. Bhavna Sharma, Assistant Professor of Architecture, USC School of Architecture and member of the international standards development team

"It's difficult to use bamboo in structures because it's nothing," he said.

"It's just [about] increasing our body of knowledge, understanding how the material would perform in different service environments, which means if I'm building in Amsterdam, how will the building perform in that type of weather and climate versus if I'm building in Indonesia? That way we can move even further in terms of the types of buildings that we're able to construct."

Dr Sharma says that the first engineered bamboo testing standards from International Standards Organisation were published last summer. "That will support practitioners, designers and engineers in adopting the material into projects."



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Here Bamcore panels are being used to build a residential building

In California, sustainable building materials company BamCore, established in 2019, offers a panelised framing system made up of either engineered bamboo and wood, or eucalyptus and wood. The panels are used to build buildings up to five storeys high for both commercial and residential buildings.

"Our customers originally started as single home buyers or architects that were looking to be more sustainable," says Kate Chilton, chief sustainability officer at BamCore.

“But as we started growing, we started bringing in manufacturers as customers.” They point to D.R. Horton, the nation’s largest homebuilder, which is reportedly testing its bamboo designs at several events in the United States.

There are more than 1,600 species of bamboo, and BamCore's favorite is Dendrocalamus asper, also known as giant bush bamboo, imported from South America and Asia. However, the woman said Chilton said he was talking to a bamboo owner in Florida who was suffering from the disease.

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