Guinea Prime Minister warned Prez. Joe Bidden for disrespecting his Country.

Papua New Guinea's prime minister has accused Joe Biden of disrespecting his country by suggesting that his uncle was eaten by cannibals on the island during the 1940s. The US president made these remarks while visiting a war memorial in Pennsylvania last week. Mr. Biden was referring to his uncle, Ambrose J Finnegan, who was involved in a plane crash in Papua New Guinea in 1944 while serving with the Army Air Corps during World War II. Prime Minister James Marape released a statement on Sunday expressing his disappointment with Mr. Biden's comments. He emphasized that Papua New Guinea should not be labeled in such a way and highlighted that the country was unnecessarily drawn into a conflict that was not of their making. Mr. Marape also called on the US to locate its war dead in Papua New Guinea and clean up the remnants of war. He suggested that it is time for the USA to make efforts to find the remains of World War II servicemen, including Ambrose Finnegan, in Papua New Guinea. The prime minister emphasized that the theaters of war in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands are scattered with remnants from the war.

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